Wednesday 23 June 2021

Exciting Move!

After seven years of blogging on this lovely Blogger/Blogspot site I have decided to make a move since Blogger is no longer a supported (updated regularly, etc.) site. You will be able to find my new content at the following address:

This little site has been a wonderful and fulfilling outlet for me, and I look forward to continuing that over on the new site! I appreciate you reading here, and it would mean the world if you would subscribe for updates on Wix. See you soon! 

Tuesday 13 April 2021

ONU Scholar Week Presentation

I had the opportunity to present my original work, "To Grade Or Not To Grade: Hybrid Assessment Through Grading Contracts" at Olivet Nazarene University's Scholar Week on April 13th, 2021. 

My presentation slideshow can be found here. In the presentation, I reference two sources of research that I based my presentation on. The first is Jane Danielewicz and Peter Elbow's 2009 article "A Unilateral Grading Contract to Improve Learning and Teaching," and the second is Asao Inou's 2005 article "Community Based Assessment Pedagogy." Full citations can be found in the presentation linked above. Please also see the full sample contract linked here, as well as on Olivet's Digital Commons, and I have included an image below. 

Here is a recording of the actual Zoom presentation. The access code is WUxy27?M.

Thanks for taking time to engage with my presentation!