Tuesday 25 April 2017

Done & Dusted!

As of today, April 25th, I have submitted my final version of my dissertation to ProQuest. As I understand it, unless the ASU administrators have revisions, this is the final step in finalizing my degree. My dissertation chair did not recommend purchasing the copyright through ProQuest since I retain the full copyright of my work as is, so I just submitted my work as is. 

On the ProQuest site, I filed my dissertation under the main subject categories of "rhetoric," "pedagogy," and "creative writing." The secondary keywords are "autobiography," "composition," "feminism," "identity," "memoir," and "theory." Once my work becomes available after six years, I believe, these search words are the ones that will yield results for my dissertation on the site. 

I am now looking to print a hardcopy version of my dissertation. ProQuest does offer the printing of my dissertation but at a significant cost, and I would not receive the printed version for 8-12 weeks. I am currently looking at printing my dissertation through BookBaby as they have the most user friendly site and overall very positive reviews online. 

I posted this image and caption on Instagram on Friday (April 21st) celebrating the dissertation "pass" on April 17th. That was a good email to receive! 

Below is the final pass form that I received from my chair, Maureen, and the department administrator, Sheila Luna. You can see Maureen's signature and the date of the pass on the bottom. It's official! 

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